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in america. >> massachusetts. >> encorrect. this state will become the 16th in america to legalize same-sex marriage. you have already rung in i can't allow. that i'm sorry, there are rules here time, calm time. illinois will almost the 16th state according to reports this week, charlie krchrist my face fight -- robert. >> bill nelson. >> may face a primary challenge. 200 point question signing a bill that encourages epi pen availability in schools, president obama revealed. >> daughter has allergy. >> more correct. >> malia is allergy ec to peanuts. >> next question after the final taped episode aired the week, the a & e new yorker refused to confirm or don't reports it has cancelled reports about this louisiana governor an convicted felon. >> edward edwards. >> we will accept ed war. and 200 points there. this is an instant bonus question. vote for the crook. it's important was a popular bumper sticker when he defeated whom for louisiana's governship in known 91? >> durk, david duke the former chanceman. 200 more points. 200 point question a profile noted the wife of this west coast d
up it doesn't work. >> if we look at massachusetts my home state. there were only 127 some-odd people in delaware and that was a problem. we only had 123 in the state of massachusetts in the first month. it's deemed a success. it depends on the young people. are they enrolling in numbers that the president would like. absolutely not. >> in my home state you had very high numbered insured, fairly wealthy state. and it was much more competently managed than the 36 federal exchanges. it's not a one to one comparison. >> 123 in massachusetts. this is 50 states. should be at least 50 times -- >> the doctor was talking about just delaware. massachusetts has a larger percentage of population. the roll out in massachusetts was lower than people expected. this is a long game. >> i'm not going to pile on the healthercare.gov website yet. low numbers. how can there be big numbers if the website doesn't work. it's obvious you'll have low numbers because if you can't log in and sign up you won't have anybody signed up. mark, how long do we give it, i guess, is the question? >> i think we're only i
gruber is one of the architects of the massachusetts health care law known as romneycare and an architect of obama care. now we are learning there were quite a few architects of obama care. you are one of them. thank you very much for being here, professor. here's my question. the 5 million people, what if the insurance companies don't go along with the fix? what happens to them? >> the individuals have another month to buy insurance before they have to have plans before january. >> on health care.gov? >> right. they could go on and buy plans f. not, state insurance companies will have to work together to find a way to get a lot of people to keep their insurance. >> the last part is terrifying. >> well, we have to understand the context in which this is happening. these individuals are seeing their insurance policies cancelled often because they are substandard policies. >> let's not go there. >> our viewers know about the policies. i want to talk about what will happen to them. you have 5 million people, many of whom are watching now. the last part you said is very concerning that the st
and the essence of liberty. there was 1955 speech at the assumption college in my hometown of massachusetts, where he said about the cold war that i believe religion itself is at the root of the struggle and not in terms of the physical organizations or christianity versus those of atheism, but in terms of good versus evil and right versus wrong. and in his remarks during the campaign at the tabernacle in salt lake city, where he said the enemy is a communist system itself, insatiable and unceasing in its drive for world domination, it is also a struggle for supremacy between conflicting nato ologies, freedom under god versus godless turning. in kennedy's famous lines in the inaugural address, the same revolutionary beliefs for which we are still at issue around the globe. coming not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of god. we shall pay any price and bear any burden and meet any hardship and support any friends and oppose any foe to assure the survival and success of liberty. and ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country. and in december
in massachusetts, and became so outraged by how politics adversely affected her patients that she became the green party candidate for president in 2012. inevitably, the paths of these two crossed. and in the proud tradition of american civil disobedience, they have joined hands to take on the system together, fighting against political corruption and a host of grievances that have led many others to cynicism and despair. each is a member of the green shadow cabinet, a group that offers policy alternatives to our dysfunctional government, and just days ago, they joined with the group nukefree.org to present a petition to the un -- 150,000 signatures -- asking the world to intercede at the fukushima nuclear plant in japan. the meltdown of reactors there after the earthquake and tsunami of march 2011 still threatens much of the world with radiation. japanese officials now say that residents of the area will never be able to return to their homes. radiation from the disaster has reached alaska and the canadian scientist david suzuki recently called attention to research saying that another quake hitt
to the impacts on light and air when you have projects of a higher decent. in this situation there massachusetts was not any significant issues >> views are not protected. >> private views are not protected. >> nicole are there any public view issues. >> it's protected but not private. >> okay. any comments? >> i think ultimately this comes to two views and as the acting da said the views are not protected. i'd make a motion to uphold >> deny the appeal. >> uphold the permit on the boos that the planning and code - >> i'm sorry what. >> don't error. >> thank you for correcting me. i'm sorry >> it's okay. >> we have a motion to uphold this permit on the basis it's code compliant. on that motion to uphold commissioner fong is absent (calling names) thank you. the vote is 4 to zero and the permit is upheld on that basis. >> no other business. okay. the meeting is on behal commission. we are just proud to be a part of this great community event. >> we started this 3 years ago, this thing called met pole. it was part of sunday to participate in a pedestrian oriented family way. 3 years
there's nothing before the states office the duo minute massachusetts has the component side of it but there's the fee side it would be tough to have a system be approved on secretaries day to be awarded the privilege to execute a contract and the system to be up in a couple of years >> just is quick question to follow up. the question about an all mail in election you have to be enabled by the state; right? no matter what type of election whatever it is it has to be approved by state >> that goes back and forth. i've heard it through the vote by mail but really it might be r be a question formerly to the city attorney's office >> complaegz any other questions i hope you get some rest and a mr. rose budget analyst report. >> yes. as shown this tables 2 and 3 those tables are on pages 17 and 18 of our report. the proposed cost a as indicated would remain at the same rate of $400,000 plus and 3 hundred plus for maintenance and license agreement and ross the rates that are currently charges under the existing 2007 to 2013 agreement. we also point out over the 3 year shown i
from massachusetts. we're back with kim strousle and "wall street journal" editorial board member mary kissle also joins us. kim, start with you, what's behind the warren boom? >> the argument is if you look through the history of the democratic party, there's always these flashes of enthusiasm for these populist anti-wall street candidates. some of them, most of them, have always flamed out because they do tend to appeal to only a small part of the base. campuses and white liberal, cultural liberal. but not necessarily with minorities or the working poor. their argument, "new republican" argument is that has changed, the combination of the 2008 financial crisis and barack obama as president has shifted the party. they're ready and eager for a candidate like warren. certain be thithings like the b blasio election in new york prove that. and this is where the party should be. >> what positions have warren supported that really get these left wingers excited? >> as kim says, she's an economic populous. she's basically a single issue candidate if she runs for president. she's all about co
in massachusetts, they put pictures like this on the wall. the loss to thieves nationally for supermarkets comes to $6 billion a year. the cost has to be made up somehow. >> if we aren't profitable we have to charge more for what we are selling. >> reporter: in many cases it is not the customers after the free stuffing, most of the theft that occurs at your grocery store happens right here at the checkout, at the hand of the employees. watch how this works. an overhead view of the cashier, items traveling past the bar code. see the red target. that is a turkey. what is happening right now, the cashier is suddenly jumping it around the scanner so it is not being rung up as a charge. although it is mixed in with other items that are. now, with the turkeys, some places really see a spike, as many as four times more turkeys heisted in november and december, than in the rest of the year combined. basically when you see that turkey being stolen, they have to sell 50 more turkeys to make up for the one that was given away for free. we asked maureen about what happens to the people who get caught? and w
yesterday from mitt romney. he spent some time talking about the rollout in massachusetts. of course, obama care has been compared to that health care plan since its inception. how accurate of a picture was governor romney painting in terms of the rollout there in massachusetts? >> well, among the things i am not paying close attention to in retirement is governor romney. so i can't tell you because i don't know what he said. i will say this and this is one of the problems. in fairness to the administration -- and they clearly have much to apologize for -- the problems with the website, it was never anticipated that the federal website was going to have to do most of the country. people did not see the election of republicans in 2010 in many states who would then refuse to participate. and at the same time with the republican house refuse to provide the funding. so part of the problem with the website is that it was given a job that nobody anticipated it would have because of the unfortunate obstructionist attitude of some of the new republican governors. >> congressman barney frank, always
khrushchev during the cold war. this event from the hyannis museum in massachusetts is just over an hour. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen. we want to welcome you here to the john f. kennedy hyannis museum. we're very happy to have you here this evening, and we're happy to have c-span with us as well for the author, martin sandler and rob sennett, who's a past chairman of the board of trustees of the jfk hyannis museum foundation. my name is dick neats, and i'm happy to have you with us, and we're looking forward to a wonderful program, and we thank you all again. i would give you a couple of reminders, if you would. please turn your cell phones off, since we are being recorded, i understand c-span will broadcast it within the next couple of weeks, maybe on the weekend within a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that, and if you would -- what was the other thing i was supposed to remind -- >> when they ask you -- >> oh, yes. the microphones you see here are not for distribution throughout our museum, but they are for c-span. so if you have a question, don't talk from the back o
ridicule by calling those numbers consistent with what massachusetts, a state of only 6.5 million people, experienced in its initial rollout of romney care. sebelius also did not reveal the number of people who have actually paid for their new plans. she did not explain why the obama administration will withhold those numbers from the public until the middle of next month. >> the numbers are consistent with enrollment numbers that massachusetts reported and that we feel are the most accurate. by the 15th of december, we'll be able to begin to tell you how many people actually have paid for the first month of coverage. >> the sebelius revelations come after hours of heated testimony in front of two separate house committees. the top government technology officials grilled by house oversight on when the website will be fixed, and why it was launched without proper testing. and department of homeland security officials questioned by the committee on the site's lack of cybersecurity. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> reporter: many house lawmakers ga
to create the stability. >> that was elizabeth warren before became the massachusetts senator. both sides would have added. and they either love her or hated her, but with both sides and now we keep asking her to come back, but she won't. she's getting the buzz is presidential candidate. sheila joins us now. a woman from both sides. but unlike this, she comes back. i don't know what's going on here. but i will say that obviously she appear appeals to the extreme level. and moderating the approach from the point of view from the obama administration and they want to hear from this on the left. when it comes to that financial matters, that has to be very dangerous and it's something that you want about, politicizing these financial matters on either side. but i worry about where this is leading. what do you think? >> i don't think, that. >> okay. >> or not, so putting that aside from i don't think the same kind of things that she is pushing is that radical. i think she identifies as the middle class. and she connects with the main street problems. i think the kinds of solutions are really r
where the students chop the wood to heat the building. from williamstown, massachusetts, let's greet... and she teaches at a green school, where the environment is part of the curriculum. from baltimore, maryland, here is... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard. in less than half an hour from now, we will know the names of the people who will return to our program next week as semi-finalists to compete for that $100,000 payoff one week from today. e of you coming back to play. good luck. here we go. the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories. oh, boy. alex: you identify the country for us, obviously. cathy, start. same first & last letter for $200, please. timothy. what is a millennium? good. same first & last for $400. cathy. what is cardiac? correct. same first & last letter for $600. [ beep ] and that would be a prenup -- shortened form. cathy.
from natick, massachusetts... ...and our returning champion, a legislative researcher from washington, d.c... the and and now here ishampion, the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. and thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, now, yesterday on our program, we said goodbye to ben, who walked away with $177,000. he'll be back to play in our tournament of champions. but we replaced him with another bright young man -- mark, with $31,000 and change. so good luck today against toby and ken. and welcome and good luck to you two, also. here we go now into the jeopardy! round, which is the easier of the rounds, and here are the categories.
. it's @msnbc your biz. we're on facebook too. we travel to massachusetts next week. we'll talk to local business owners getting ready for small business saturday. they tell us how they're trying to get the community to shop small. while there, we'll talk to actress karen allen. you know her from indiana jones and animal house. well, she's turned her passion for knitting into a small business with a store that's drawing customers to great barrington's main streets. until then, i'm jj ramberg. remember, we make your business our business. ♪ ♪ you get your coffee here. you get your hair cut here. you find that certain thing you were looking for here, but actually you get so much more. when you shop at these small local businesses, you support all the things that make your community great. the money you spend here, stays here. in this place you call your neighborhood. small business saturday is november 30th. get out and shop small. . . >>> the state of illinois is a bright, bright, bright blue state, right? and every one of the previous six presidential elections going back t
, i guess, if you're a conservative democrat from massachusetts, you get called a pragmatist. if you're a liberal republican from the south, you might get called a pragmatist. you know, kennedy, kennedy said sometimes it's not the labels that matter, and i go back and forth about whether he was right about that. i think the labels in some ways are useful lenses for helping us remember what actually happened. and that's, you know, that's really what i hope people will take away here. >> well, thank you very much. >> we'd like to hear from you. tweet us your feedback, twitter.com/booktv. >> november 22, 2013, is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john f. kennedy, and there are several books that have been published this season to mark the event. throughout the month join other readers to discuss the kennedy books published this year. simply go to booktv.org and click on book club. once there, you can check out some of the book club resources we have posted including book reviews and videos from the booktv archives, and you can log in as a guest or through your faceb
. this is essentially a republican designed plan. it was modelled after what governor romney did in massachusetts. there were a lot of democrats who didn't particularly like that, me among them. the insurance companies are going to get 30 to 40 million new customers. if the president makes a suggestion that might help us in the transition, i think it's fair for the insurance companies to remember that they're the big winners in this and do their part. >> what else do you think the white house needs to do moving forward to get this on the right track? admittedly they've made gaffe after gaffe here? >> this is all about good implementati implementation. the reason a lot of democrats are so upset is because we supported the law and since we support the law we know in order for it to work it has to be implemented well. of course that's an exec tif function. this is about smoothing out the wrinkles, acknowledging when there is an implementation issue and then taking on the responsibility energetically to fix it asap. >> we're showing the healthcare.gov website and the president has said people can sig
. but the vast majority of his life was in vermont and new hampshire, massachusetts also. nonetheless, some one and an arbor. in 1921 he was invited to be a kind of writer in residence. now you can throw a stone at the university without uncovering a writer, an artist in residence, but at that time which is after row a century ago, it was revolutionary notion, kept a very stiff arm and remove from academia. you know permafrost was not a scholar or a university graduate himself. he ended up receiving all sorts of lottery degrees and became often a doctor of letters, but at the time he was somebody you was more known as a farmer and a private citizen. for university to invite him to say you're a person of consequence, what you hang around was already rather remarkable. he came and stayed for a year. he returned again for couple of years. so his tenure here was relatively brief. it was nonetheless an important time of his creative life. some of the palms we think of as about new england were composed here, perhaps of a sense of sorrow. perhaps out of a sense of nostalgia, but nonetheless, the hard
the romney of massachusetts and talk plenty of minnesota and governor perry of texas. they could run nationally and they could have been part of this for eight to 10 years and they were serious candidates. he didn't catch fire in iowa and he dropped out. because he was running for president or the other guys didn't drop out because they were running for president. and this time around, look at who is around the table very chris christie for sure. significant reforms in that, $130 billion in unfunded liabilities and no tax increase. >> so he fits the grover norquist older? >> yes. and i think that what you're looking at a someone who can finances all the way through as a confidence seriousness -- then we would do the three senators. because i think the advantages is that they can raise money, show individual combatants and they say it will do what we did. >> chris christie serious. >> certainly he is. skywalker is also serious and constant, yes change that state into a red state, and all sorts of other things fear. >> were you more enthusiastic about between them? >> as long as they a
applied for coverage. a faster signup rate that experienced in massachusetts. even with all the technical problems we have had. in my state of california, nearly 400,000 people have begun applications in the first month. there will be a total of six months to sign up, this program is going to work. . these are significant signs of progress. they show us we're on our way. on our way to dramatically expanding health insurance coverage in this nation. this bill will take us backwards. i urge a no vote and i retain the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from michigan is recognized. mr. tipton: mr. speaker, i would yield two minutes to the gentleman from oregon, mr. walden. -- mr. upton: mr. speaker, i would yield two minutes to the gentleman from oregon, mr. walden. mr. walden: i rise today for the voice of oregonians who have already received their cancellation notices. they've been told the policy that they like, that they wanted to keep they cannot have any longer. i was down in my district for eight straight days last
together to get it right. if people would look at the massachusetts health care law that was passed while mitt romney, whom most republicans voted for, remember, it took them six months to get this straightened out. this is for a whole 50 states, so it's going to have to take a little time to get it straightened out, but it is a good thing for the country and we need to fix it, we don't need to get rid of it. think abouto you the political background on what is going on, especially in light of yesterday's vote? caller: caller: i don't care about the politics of this. people aret that being treated right. insurance companies have to own up to what they have to do. you always hear horror stories about people can't get the treatment they want because the insurance companies are turning him down left and right. especially before this was passed, they were turned down because they had a previous illness. so let's forget about the politics. this is not -- excuse me -- a republican or democrat thing, this is for the country. the president meeting with the heads of insurance companies at the whi
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)